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Growth to Milestone

Stanley Clementina is a well-seasoned independent recording artist making his mark within the music industry for over 20 years now. Having mastered over 4 musical instruments and his own unique sound, this music man may be classified as the product of a mix between the sounds of Ed Sheeran and Johnny Cash. He‟s performed on world stages and collaborated with groundbreaking artists. Stanley has turned his passion for music into a mission to show that music is love, and love, should be spread all over the world!

With the upcoming release of his new album entitled “Sweet Pain”, Stanley brings emphasis to the everlasting growth that comes forth from the hardships of relationships. Not to mention the „general‟ cycle of moving forward when faced with a life of struggle. The entire album was composed by Stanley himself; true stories inspired all tracks presented. His latest single and title song; “Sweet Pain” explores the fact of a broken situation, the pain it brings, the acceptance and the masochist behavior this leads to. The instrumental theme of the album is acoustic guitar in combination with percussive sounds.

“I wanted to keep the album real „earthy‟. I also used two typical instruments from my Caribbean roots in Curacao. One of which is called the “Benta” which is formed like a bow and you play it with your mouth and teeth. The sound is similar to the Brazilian Birimbau. The other is “Kachu”, a cow‟s horn.” Stanley Clementina

Throughout Stanley‟s career he‟s had the pleasure of entertaining with various bands in genres such as Soul, Latin, Pop & Rock. As a solo artist Stanley has worked with the likes of Rass Motivated, Tamara Nivillac, Shirma Rouse and Frank McComb, just to name a few. His success and growth over the years has lead him to bloom into his own sound and format; an inviting combination of Reggae/Soul influenced vocals accompanied by Country acoustic guitar.

A singer, multi-instrumentalist & vocal coach, the foundation for his musical career was laid on the Caribbean island of Curacao where Stanley was born. Drum kit at the age of 4, playing guitar at the age of 9 and a hit Gospel single at the age of 10, yes, music has truly been a bloodline. This vibrant Caribbean man is inspired by the legendary Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Sting & Ed Sheeran. Alongside two bachelors from the Conservatory of Rotterdam; Singing (Pop) and Bass guitar (Latin), Stanley is also a professional on the Piano, Percussion, Drums and Guitar.

Music is love and Stanley pays tribute with his vocal talents, deep-rooted Caribbean influences and dedication to share. “The man & the guitar” is Stanley‟s trademark formation; Reggae/Soul vocals alongside Country acoustic guitar. Its „grown folks‟ music; yet Stanley manages to capture a “Pop” undertone that may resonate as ear candy to the masses.

Get to know the man & his guitar. Stanley Clementina welcomes you to his world of music, his tribute to love.