Stanley Clementina is a well-seasoned independent recording artist making his mark within the music industry for over 20 years now.

Having mastered over 4 musical instruments and his own unique sound, this music man may be classified as the product of a mix between the sounds of Ed Sheeran and Johnny Cash. He‟s performed on world stages and collaborated with groundbreaking artists. Stanley has turned his passion for music into a mission to show that music is love, and love, should be spread all over the world! Read More >>

Upcoming EP

“I wanted to keep the album real „earthy‟. I also used two typical instruments from my Caribbean roots in Curacao. One of which is called the “Benta” which is formed like a bow and you play it with your mouth and teeth. The sound is similar to the Brazilian Birimbau. The other is “Kachu”, a cow‟s horn.” Stanley Clementina